Our elephants spent their former lives pulling timber in the logging industry, giving thousands of rides, or performing in daily circus shows. They worked hard to entertain tourists.

They now live peacefully at Tree Tops where their lives have been completely transformed. They have the freedom to make their own decisions; to choose to bathe in the ponds and streams, and live a life they previously only ever dreamed of. 

To allow our elephants this freedom, we respect their personal space and limit contact. We, therefore, do not allow guests to ride, bathe in the ponds or mud, hug our elephants' trunks, or sit or lie on them. 

We offer a truly magical and peaceful experience where we hope you will feel humbled to be in the presence of these magnificent animals, observing them in the tranquility of their sanctuary home. 

Sri Nuan, (Nam Phet) 45 yrs

Sri Nuan, who is also known as Nam Phet, was working in the logging industry in Trang until 3 years ago when the company closed down and a lot of elephants were made unemployed. Nam Phet's body was covered in wounds and either badly scarred from dragging logs or being attacked by her mahout. She was very weak, stressed and aggressive after decades pulling logs. Her owner needed to sell her for financial reasons and she was moved to Phuket to work as a trekking elephant. She was given urgent veterinary care when she first arrived, and slowly began to recover. 

Nam Phet is a very calm and friendly elephant. Having settled into a tranquil life at Tree Tops, she has become very close friends with Nam Gaew, Fah Sai and Lam Poon. She spends her days socializing with her three best friends, bathing in the ponds, and roaming peacefully throughout our reserve. 

Fah Sai, 9 yrs

Fah Sai is just 9 years old, our youngest and mischievous elephant. She was born in Chumporn province in the central part of Thailand. Her mother sadly had a very bad accident due to extreme hard work, contracted an infection, and passed away. Fah Sai was only 2 years old at the time and was brought to Phuket to work in the tourism industry. She was taught to perform tricks to entertainment tourists, but thankfully those days are now in the past. As with all young elephants, Fah Sai is full of energy, boisterous, and loves to play and slide around in the mud. She particularly loves bathing and rolling around in the water, often for an hour or more! She loves eating treats of bananas and watermelon, but has a particular passion for pomegranates! Fah Sai is very vocal, you know when she is nearby by her squeaky trumpets or lovely rumbles as she chats with the other elephants. Nam Gaew is Fah Sai’s main protector. She guides, teaches, nurtures and protects Fah Sai as her adoptive mother.  

Nam Gaew, 50 yrs

Nam Gaew is from Surin Province and spent her former years as a logging elephant. She was moved to Phuket as a trekking elephant where she developed a deep infected wound at the top of her front left leg but still continued to work. The vets said they could only treat the symptoms and prevent further infection, however, we are currently looking into a medical program to heal this deep infected wound. 

Nam Gaew is a gentle soul and very protective of our younger elephant choosing to be Fah Sai's adoptive mother, always standing close by when Fah Sai is grazing, bathing or playing. It is a beautiful relationship of two elephants that are enjoying the peace that Tree Tops brings. Nam Gaew loves to bathe in pond at the back of Tree Tops. She often leans against the muddy bank and closes her eyes, able to completely relax as if her dreams have finally come true.

Boon Song, 44 yrs

Boon Song spent most of her life pulling logs from the forest and was brought from Trang to Phuket 3 years ago, very stressed and aggressive after working in extremely harsh logging conditions. She needed a lot of rest and it was decided that she would not be used for rides. Only her mahout Toni can be close to her. They have a beautiful bond and he is very gentle and understanding to her state of mind. Even after 3 years she still doesn't like other elephants or people. Not truly knowing exactly what happened to her over the years, she is described as a difficult elephant but we believe she just needs a lot more time and space. Boon Song has the most magnificent presence, there is something very special about her. When she walks by, it causes us to stop in our tracks and not only appreciate this amazing aura that she has, but the hard years of labour that have caused this elephant to be who she is. She loves to graze quietly by the river, and particularly likes to eat harder foods such as twigs and branches. She also really enjoys wading into the large pond to drink from a waterfall that we recently made for the elephants. 

Nam Sook, 70 yrs

Nam Sook is also known as 'Grandma'. She is our oldest elephant and originally from Phattahlung Province in Southern Thailand. She spent her former years working hard at a logging camp but was often weak as she was given insufficient food. As she grew older, she was becoming unprofitable and a burden to her owner so she was sold to Phuket where she became a trekking elephant. Like many logging elephants, she arrived in Phuket underweight and exhausted, in need of rest and veterinary care. Nam Sook was stopped from giving rides 5 years ago. She needs soft foods due to problems with her teeth and digestion. She is quite frail and also doesn't drink a lot of water which can be a worry so she is given tamarind which she will sometime eat, and which encourages her to drink as it is (sweet, sour) and salty. Nam Sook walks slowly around the sanctuary, she loves to put mud on herself or walk through the shallow stream. She is friendly with the other elephants except Boon Song whom she doesn't like at all. If only elephants could talk, it would be fascinating to hear here life story and all this beautiful elephant has endured.  

Lam Poon, 42 yrs

Lam Poon was brought to Phuket from Phang Nga province after the logging company closed down. She was kept in filthy conditions, chained and confined at all times, with little food or fresh water. It is believed she was also given drugs as she appeared very drowsy. She was brought to Phuket to work in the trekking industry, and gave rides to tourists for many years.

Lam Poon doesn't like crowds of people. She can become stressed and aggressive if there is too much noise. She is, however, a favorite of everyone as she is very friendly elephant. She can be slightly aggressive with our young elephant Fah Sai, if she is being too boisterous but perhaps this is just her way of wanting peace in her life.  We will never truly know what happened to Lam Poon but her mahout works calmly with her. Lam Poon loves the company of other elephants particularly Nam Gaew and Tong Tip but, we usually find she walks off to be on her own.

Tong Tip, 40 yrs

Tong Tip and Nam Phet were both working at the same logging camp that closed in Trang. Due to the lack of work, Tong Tip was chained for long periods, was considered a financial burden, received inadequate food, and needed to be sold. Tong Tip also had a chronic illness and was very sick, needing a lot of vet care when she first arrived in Phuket. She then spent many years in the trekking industry but thankfully giving rides to tourists is now a thing of the past. Tong Tip is calm, kind, and friendly with the other elephants. She loves bathing in the ponds but no one has ever seen her in the mud. She seems to prefer sand but we hope over the next few months, she might just learn that mud is fun to throw over herself, to cool down and to protect from the harsh tropical sun. We will never truly know the details of her past and why she won't mud bathe, so all we can do is give her as much time as she needs to re-learn these natural behaviours that she is now free to do. 

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