(born 1950)

Nam Sook is 70 years old and is also known as 'Grandma' at Tree Tops. She is originally from Phattahlung Province in Southern Thailand and she is our oldest elephant at Tree Tops. She spent her former years hauling timber at a logging camp but was often weak as she was given insufficient food. As she grew older, she was becoming unprofitable and a burden to her owner so she was sold to Phuket where she was used to give rides to tourists.

Like many logging elephants, Nam Sook arrived in Phuket underweight and exhausted. She needed a lot of rest and veterinary care before working as a trekking elephant. She gave rides for about 15 years, and finally retired 5 years ago as she was very frail.

Due to digestion and only have 3 teeth left, she needs supplementary foods and we provide her with nutritious rice balls every day in order to maintain her weight and strength. 

Some days, Nam Sook sets off walking around Tree Tops and we are astounded as to how much ground she can cover! Even though her body is tired, there is a strong minded, wise senior lady living the best life she can. She loves to put mud on herself or walk through the shallow stream.

If only elephants could talk, it would be fascinating to hear her life story and all that this beautiful elephant has endured.