(born 1974)

Nam Phet (formerly known as Sri Nuan) was working in the logging industry in Trang until 3 years ago when the company closed down and a lot of elephants were made unemployed. Nam Phet's body was covered in wounds and either badly scarred from dragging logs or being attacked by her mahout. She was very weak, stressed and aggressive after decades of hard labour. Her owner needed to sell her for financial reasons and she was moved to Phuket to work as a trekking elephant. She was given urgent veterinary care when she first arrived, and slowly began to recover. 

Nam Phet is very calm, gentle and friendly. She has become very close with Nam Gaew, Fah Sai and Lam Poon and spends her days socializing with her three best friends. Out of all our elephants, she also loves to walk.. and walk.. and walk. She will stop to graze, and then continue roaming across our reserve, bathing in the ponds, and living a peaceful life with us at Tree Tops. 

Introducing Nam Phet

The simplicity and pace of life for our elephants at Tree Tops.

Rain or shine, our elephants graze the land. Nam Phet was joined by Nam Gaew and Fah Sai, and then she continued on her way across the reserve. 

Of all our elephants, Nam Phet loves to walk long distances. She roams from one side of the reserve to the other, stops to graze, and then sets off again.

It's so important for elephants to have daily exercise and we are fortunate with our land that our elephants are able to do this. You will also see Lampoon in the far distance near the end of the video!

Nam Phet roaming

When elephants are working hard in the logging or trekking industries, they are unable to make decisions for themselves. Their life is controlled, and there is very little freedom.

Nam Phet, however, now spends her days grazing on the land, roaming and making decisions of her own; whether its to walk over to one of our natural ponds, or head to the trees and forage on the lush fresh grasses.

A day in her life

Nam Phet, like all our elephants, is much loved by all of us here at Tree Tops.


She is a gentle soul, kind and calm. She has the most beautiful life, living her days peacefully on our reserve. She loves to walk around and can often be seen strolling our land, grazing on her own or with Nam Gaew and Fah Sai, cooling in the fresh water streams, or covering herself in one of our many muddy wallows!

With Nam Gaew & Fah Sai

Nam Phet loves to stroll down to the pond at the back of the reserve to join Nam Gaew and Fah Sai in the water as they bathe.

It takes time to socialize elephants after a lifetime living solitary lives and whilst Nam Gaew is very protective of Fah Sai, she seems very calm with Nam Phet nearby. Nam Phet stands quietly with her back to them, their trunks just inches above the water sniffing the air, and when she decides to leave the pond, the others follow.....

Here at Tree Tops our reserve is peaceful, our scenery stunning, our elephants have the freedom to enjoy their lives, and our guests enjoy 360 degree views of the forest whilst the elephants bathe and graze nearby; it really is quite magical!