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(born 1977)

Lam Poon was brought to Phuket from Phang Nga province after the logging company closed down. She was kept in filthy conditions, chained and confined at all times, with little food or fresh water. It is believed she was also given drugs as she appeared very drowsy. She was brought to Phuket to work in the trekking industry, and gave rides to tourists for many years.

Lampoon has the most stunning peachy-pink de-pigmentation on her face, trunk, and along the edge of her ears, making her not only very beautiful but also very easy to recognize. Only Asian elephants have this loss of pigment in their skin which becomes more pronounced with age, and each elephants' colouration is different, rather like freckles but in reverse. 

Lam Poon doesn't like crowds of people. She can become stressed and aggressive if there is too much noise. She is, however, a favorite of everyone as she is very friendly elephant. She can be slightly aggressive with our young elephant Fah Sai, if she is being too boisterous but perhaps this is just her way of wanting peace in her life.  We will never truly know what happened to Lam Poon but her mahout works calmly with her. Lam Poon loves the company of other elephants particularly Nam Gaew and Tong Tip but, we usually find she walks off to be on her own.

Lampoon splashing in the pond

This is beautiful Lampoon splashing around in the pond, legs in the air, with a face full of mud!

Lampoon loves to socialize with Nam Gaew and Fah Sai but she also loves to wander off on her own and disappear over to the back pond. So not to disturb her, we followed quietly and sat very still behind tall grasses at the top of the hill to take this lovely video of her.

She spent over half an hour wallowing in the pond and even though this video is only 3 minutes, we feel 3 hours isn’t enough time spent with Lampoon!

This is exactly what elephants should be allowed to do. Given the freedom to make decisions, freedom to roam, freedom to bathe in peace and freedom to express all their amazing natural instincts which makes them so magnificent and adorable all at the same time.

Lampoon scratching! 

We have huge boulders around our reserve which make for fabulous natural scratching posts for our elephants. Not only are they a perfect height, they are of course super solid to take the weight of an elephant pushing against them!

This is a favourite of Lam Poon who often enjoys a lovely long scratch after covering herself in mud, whilst her friends roam and graze in the distance.


Follow us to find Lampoon!

After wandering around the reserve, Lampoon disappeared into a lovely little pocket of paradise located right at the back of our reserve... so we followed her to see what she had found!

After many months praying for the rains to come, we are experiencing torrential downpours most days. This has created new growth and a gorgeous sea of green foliage, and Lampoon clearly knew exactly where to find these fresh grasses!

It's so peaceful to sit and observe elephants, and it's so easy to loose track of time immersed in the magic of elephants and the forest. We hope we've managed to capture this and bring these peaceful moments with nature directly to your home.


We stood quietly as she headed straight into the pond not knowing what she would do. She stood still, deep in thought, then to our amazement she began thrashing the water with her trunk, something we have seen many retired elephants do when they realize their working days are over and they are finally free to bathe in peace.

Lam Poon swooshed through the waters, raised her trunk up high to smell the air, and a pivotal moment was when she lay down against the river bank and closed her eyes.

It was a beautiful and very emotional moment as our mahouts, our tour guides, and our guests watched as she was finally accepting that she could trust this new life, relax in peace, and make her own decisions.

This is what we call Freedom, and everyday, there are many special moments at Tree Tops.

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