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(born 2010)

Fah Sai was born in February 2010 in Chumporn province in the central part of Thailand. She is our youngest elephant, and is very playful and mischievous, and we all adore her. Fah Sai's mother had a very bad accident due to extreme hard work, she contracted an infection and sadly passed away when Fah was only 2 years old. Fah Sai was then brought to Phuket to work in the tourism industry.  She was taught to perform tricks to entertainment tourists;  to twirl a hoop, play the harmonica, and perform a small show.

As with all young elephants, Fah Sai is full of energy and loves to bathe, play, and slide around in the mud, often for an hour or more!  She is also very vocal, and we can hear her gorgeous high pitch trumpets, roars, throughout Tree Tops as she chats or shows her disapproval to the other elephants.


Nam Gaew is Fah Sai’s main protector. A wise gentle soul whom at 50 years old, guides, teaches, nurtures and protects Fah Sai as her adoptive mother.  We can only speculate that Nam Gaew maybe had a baby of her own at one time, but what we see every day is an inseparable magical bond between two precious elephants, who will be together forever in their Tree Tops home. 

Introducing Fah Sai

Fah Sai was previously performing tricks to entertainment tourists but her life has now changed dramatically as you can see in our video.

She is now doing what all elephants, young or old, should be doing... walking freely, bathing, submerging and cooling down in our natural ponds, socializing with other elephants, and grazing on lush fresh grasses.

Everyday, Fah Sai continues to develop and learn exactly what is it like to be an elephant.  

Taking a mid morning nap

In February 2020, Fah Sai turned 10 years old and we believe she is the luckiest little elephant in Phuket.

When guests stroll around our reserve, we have an observation only policy. This gives our elephants complete freedom from people touching then, and also freedom for the elephants to bathe and play on their own without people in the water.

And, in Fah Sai's case, this also means she can take a mid morning nap!!

It is a vunerable position for an elephant to lie down, however, our peaceful environment enables Fah Sai to be relaxed and at ease to lie down in the mud pit with Nam Gaew standing protectively nearby.
Doesn't she look pretty?!!


Life for Fah Sai is very different to her previous years of performing in a show and hr true personality now shines through/ 

Fah Sai was grazing peacefully with Nam Gaew, when Lam Poon decided to join them. And, Fah Sai had a lot to say about this!

Accompanied by trumpets and growls, Fah Sai blocked Lam Poon, but instead, Lam Poon just walked patiently around the back to join Nam Gaew.... and all was well in Fah Sai's world as three elephants grazed happily together!

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