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On the 26th of March 2020, the Thai Prime Minister imposed a state of Emergency Decree regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in Thailand.​ We made the difficult but necessary decision to temporarily close until further notice. It is now predicted that tourism may not restart until November or even December which leaves us with the rest of the year to source funding. This is a very worrying time as we rely solely on visitors for our revenue to fund the food and care for our elephants. 

From our Founder & CEO Mr Wallop P. Luengdhama (Joe)

I would like to thank everybody who visited and supported Tree Tops since we opened in October 2019. Thank you also for the kind donations up until now. We are now in urgent need of funding to continue to feed our seven elephants whilst the world recovers from Covid-19 and tourism returns to Phuket. Please could I ask you to help us at this difficult time. We use all money raised to directly feed and support our elephants. 


Thank you again for your help and for loving elephants like myself and my team do. 

We hope to see you at Tree Tops in the future. 

Warm regards

Wallop P. Luengdhama (Joe)

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