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(born 1975)

Boon Song spent most of her life as a logging elephant, pulling teak trees from deep in the forest, working in extremely harsh conditions. In 2017, when the logging company in Trang closed down, she was sold into tourism in Phuket.  

When logging elephants change industry, they are cruelly double-trained. When logging, they are fitted with a harness to pull and push logs, but when giving tourist rides, they must endure people climbing on their backs and tolerate strangers up close. Like most elephants, Boon Song was naturally very stressed and aggressive and was labelled a 'difficult' elephant and she has never really accepted people around her. 

We can only tell her story as we know it, and we are just so thankful that she is at Tree Tops and her life has now changed. 

We feel that time stands still when we observe elephants. The world seems to silently tick on by, and watching Boon Song is no exception. When she walks by, we stop in our tracks. We not only appreciate her amazing aura, but we think about the years of hard labour that have caused this elephant to be who she is. At 44 years old, she is still young, and has many years ahead to live peacefully and enjoy her freedom living calmly amongst nature. 


She loves to graze quietly by the river, and particularly likes to eat harder foods such as twigs and branches. She also loves to wade into the pond in front of our restaurant to cool down and for refreshing drink from our fresh water troughs positioned in the rocks. We are still quite wary of her as she still doesn't like other elephants or people but that's ok, as she has all the time in the world to let her mind calm and her body relax into this new world that we have created for her. 

Happy in her sanctuary home

Boon Song has the most incredible presence which stops us in our tracks as she walks on by. 

Boon Song loves to wade into the pond in front of our restaurant to cool down and enjoy a lovely refreshing drink from the fresh water trough positioned in the rocks.

As our guests relax and enjoy lunch at our Tree Tops Lounge, they also enjoy magnificent views of Boon Song and all of our elephants happy in their sanctuary home.

Boon Soon grazing

We feel that time stands still when you observe elephants, and this we feel particularly with Boon Song. Time simply seems to stop as she has the most magnificent presence.

She loves to graze quietly by the river and we love to observe her from a distance as she enjoys her life with us here at Tree Tops.

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