(born 1983)

Asia is one of three elephants that we rescued during Covid. She is a huge elephant and we felt her new name was very apt for the impressive elephant that she is. 

Along with Malee, we relocated Asia by truck to Phuket on 29th April 2021. We were told that she loves young elephants and so after her first night at Tree Tops, we introduced her to Fah Sai the very next day. They had both been calling to each other as if they have known each other before, and there was an instant beautiful bond. These two, along with Nam Gaew and Nam Sook have been inseparable every since forming a wonderful family of four. 

Asia is 38 years old and was giving rides to tourists most of her life.  She's very calm and actually seems a lot younger than she is. She has the most adorable squeak when vocalizing and loves spending her time bathing and playing with Fah Sai. 

Below are a few lovely videos and stories that we have shared on social media.

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New Rescue
29 April 2021

29th April 2021 

Asia with her trunk sniffing the air on her way to Tree Tops!

It didn't take long at all for Asia to settle into Tree Tops. Even after only one week we felt like she had been with us so much longer. She just fit fight in! 

Mud, ponds, friends, and freedom... that's all she needed and she blossomed very quickly in the safe family unit of Nam Gaew, Nam Sook and Fah Sai. 

Sitting on her bottom in the mud is one of her favourite things! 

It's always an impressive sight to see our family of four elephants wading through the pond.

On the left is Asia, always close to Fah Sai. 70 year old Nam Sook and Nam Gaew are behind heading over to the muddy bank. 

It's so important for elephants to socialize and roam freely for their emotional and physical well-being and we get so much joy seeing our elephants enjoy their lives together. 

This tall palm tree is a favourite scratching post for our elephants. It stands alone on a pathway and is often a stopping point after the elephants have played in the mud.

We’ve not seen it used by two elephants at once before though!!

Asia on the left, and Nam Gaew shared the tree with almost identical movements. It was hilarious to watch!

Even though she's called Asia, we joke that we have a little Fah Sai and a big Fah Sai as they are two peas in a pod. It’s as if they have known each other their whole lives and Nam Gaew watches over them both with her wise, calm, motherly way.

Watching our elephants scratch, bathe, socialize and basically do everything elephant, it’s hard to believe they ever gave rides or logged timber. It really does show that elephants are beautiful just as they are.