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Welcome to

Tree Tops Elephant Reserve


A true ethical elephant sanctuary - 

we do not offer bathing with elephants, 

we put our elephants first

Visit our beautiful elephant reserve in Chalong, Southern Phuket

  • 30 minutes from Patong, Karon, and Kata

  • 20 minutes from Rawai

  • 15 minutes from the Big Buddha Hill

A beautiful, peaceful, elephant sanctuary created by our CEO, Mr Wallop Joe P. Luengdhama who has spent 35 years in the tourism industry and has a deep love of elephants, and Louise Rogerson, who has worked with elephants in Asia for 10 years. 


We rescue and retire working elephants who previously worked exhausting hours in the logging industry, or gave rides and performed in shows for tourist entertainment.   

We are pioneering ethical elephant tourism in Southern Phuket by offering visitors an Adventure of a Lifetime to learn about, love, and respect elephants through our compassionate and gentle approach. 


We do not allow bathing with elephants as this is not putting the welfare of the elephants first. It is stressful for the elephants, dangerous for guests, unhygienic, and unethical. 


Come and observe our elephants as they roam and socialize peacefully throughout our sanctuary, and bathe and play naturally without crowds of people in the water. 


Your visit ensures our work to rescue and save more elephants, and preserve the forests and its precious wildlife. 

A MORning or afternoon

at tree tops

A sanctuary home for retired working elephants

Tree Tops is home to seven retired elephants, our youngest Fah Sai, is just 9 years old, and our eldest beautiful elephant Nam Sook (Grandma) is 65 years old. 


Our tree-lined paradise offers a safe haven for an abundance of migrating wild birds, with daily sightings of egrets and eagles soaring the skies, butterflies and dragonflies dancing in the breeze, and our resident cats and dogs relaxing the day away. 

Why it is unethical & unsafe to bathe with elephants

In the wild, elephants love to bathe in rivers, ponds, streams and muddy wallows. They need space to splash, roll around, submerge, and cover themselves in mud.

If people are in the water or mud crowding around the elephants, it is very stressful for them as it inhibits natural behaviours. 

It is also unhygienic as the elephants urinate and defecate when in the water, and people may suffer from eye or skin infections and sickness. 

Bathing with elephants does not put the welfare of the elephants first, which is why we do not offer this activity at Tree Tops. 

Tree Tops Elephant Reserve Phuket